How to Post Ad on Olx and Other Classifieds

24 Jun

Posting classified ads on olx or any other classified website is easy because most of the classified websites are free and some are optional paid. So, in that case you are allowed to post multiple free classifieds ads on any of the website whether it is olx or any other classified website. Olx has some limitation because olx is a marketplace only so you can only buy and sell things online on olx but there are some other classifieds which offers other categories as well.

Olx has a very simple way to post ad, all you have to do is visit the website and click on the post ad button and once you do that you will get a form to post ad. You will have to fill the form with right categories and sub categories. Once you do that you will be ask to verify your mobile number and email id because that is the most important thing for any classified website to let every person to easily create their account.

Most classified websites often provide you a signup form first and then let you post ad but olx is different it lets you publish your ad but if you want to sell activity on your ad then you will need to verify both your email and mobile. This is how olx works but most other websites often allow users to post only after successfully created the account. Well in both scenario users will be happy because olx take time to review ad but other websites which let your signup first most of them allow you to show your ad instantly.

Instant approval classified website is one of the best ways to promote businesses and buying sell goods online and also finding jobs online. If you want to find a list of classified websites then you can search in google or you can find blogs which are related to the classified websites. Not allow the bloggers often write about classifieds sites but there are specific blogs who only writes about classifieds.

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