Selling Old Wall Clock On Classifieds

23 Oct

If you have an old wall clock somewhere in your home storage area and you think that it is no resale value, you should think about it once again. What you think to be an old piece of item can be of significant value to some as they like to collect old wall clocks as a collector of clocks or a collector of antique pieces. In short, your old clock can be priceless and can fetch you a good amount of sum if you sell them on classifieds, also referred to as free classifieds.

Now, that you know what that clock can represent and value, you need to take it out and see to it that is cleaned and serviced once. Also, determine the type of clock it is; cuckoo clock, wall clock, mantel clock, kitchen clock, carriage clock etc. Then there are a lot of antique shops online where you can read about the type of clock you have in your possession and read about its history. Such sites also mention about the possible price ranges of such clocks.

Once you know the details of your old clock, you can take a few good photographs of it from different angles. For placing your sale advertisement on this clock, you can create an account on classifieds easily if you don’t have one already. Click on the sell option and a page opens where you post details about the old clock along with the photographs. Interested buyers will contact you to buy it.

Such sites provide users the facility to easily and conveniently buy and sell online, not only new items but old items too. There are lakhs of users in such sites like Sulekha and Quikr where users look out for items in different types of product categories.

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